The Drive Where Windows Is Installed Is Locked Windows 10


Do you have updated your OS to Windows 10? And after that you discover a caution message requiring you to Revitalize the PC. You may have experienced the drive where Windows is set up is locked Windows 10 issue.

Then you may ask, How do you open a drive in Windows 10? Discovering the very best service is difficult. Given that many individuals on the net program their option(s), this post will reveal you one reliable method to fix the issue utilizing Easy Recovery Software. So let us move right to the fact.

Unlocking Drive With Easy Recovery Essentials

Easy Recovery Essential is the most popular software to repair many computer problems. It has several built-in repairing features that are easy to use. Currently, the software is available for all versions of Windows.


Easy Recovery Essential is the most popular software application to fix numerous computer system issues. It has a number of integrated fixing functions that are simple to utilize. Presently, the software application is readily available for all variations of Windows.

The software application is most suitable to resolve the drive where Windows is set up is locked Windows 10 issues. The constructed fixing function on this software application can straight attend to the concerns. You might ask once again. How do you open a hard disk? Here are the actions needed.

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Action 1: The Preparatory Job

In this action, you require to prepare the following things.

Initially, acquire the Easy Recovery Essentials software application. You will get the ISO picture of the Easy Recovery Essentials.

2nd, produce the bootable ISO picture of Easy Recovery Essentials to the USB (bootable USB).

If the preparation is done, you can advance to the 2nd action.

Action 2: Boot the PC Using The Bootable USB

Boot your PC utilizing the USB including the Easy Recovery Essentials. If the boot is successful, you can discover the Easy Recovery Essentials Interface.

automatic repair
Easy Recovery Essentials


Select Automated Recovery from the healing choices. Click continue, and the software application will scan for your computer system’s drive.

After the scan is done, the next user interface will open.

Action 3: Choose the Windows Drive to Repair

The software application will show the drive set up on the computer system.

Select the windows drive.

Select Drive to Repair


After picking the drive, click automated repair work on the bottom right of the window. The software application will then fix the drive.

The healing procedure is automated. The software application will scan for any kind of mistake in the disk. After determining the mistakes, the software application will straight resolve the issues.

So, it is the simplest software application to utilize for resolving the drive where Windows is set up is locked Windows 10 issues.

Action 4: Restarting the PC

The reboot button will look like the reparation is total. Click Restart, and the PC will reboot.

Repairing Process


If you have actually followed the actions effectively, you will discover that the issues have actually been resolved.

Why Does Windows 10 Drive Locked?

At least there are 3 reasons that these issues appear. Initially, it may be due to the harmed

First, BitLocker file encryption. It is a function to secure your information by securing the entire disk. The BitLocker will open the drive at booting. If the BitLocker harmed, the disc would be locked, and the booting will be stopped working. If you ask How do I open a locked BitLocker Partition? Then, Keep reading..

Second, issues with file encryption hardware. There is a TPM or Trusted Platform Module in a just recently established computer system. The TPM handles secrets for information file encryption. The issue with the TPM makes the file encryption secrets lost and it will end the booting procedure.

The 3rd cause is the loss of boot setup information.

Important Note

The most tough part of utilizing this approach is the development of a bootable USB. If you can effectively burn the ISO picture of Easy Recovery Essentials, you are close to fixing the issues. Thus, make certain that the primary step is appropriately ended up. And the rest treatment will follow.

Hence, make sure that the first step is properly finished. And the rest procedure will follow.

Final Words

The computer system tutorial is best comprehended if you follow it with practice. Consisting of fixing the drive where Windows is set up is locked Windows 10 issues.

So, practice by yourself to comprehend the treatment completely.