How To Transfer Music from iPod to Windows 10 PC Easily


Are you a loyal iPod user? Are you discovering the very best method on how to move music from iPod to computer system windows 10? You are not alone. The google search shows that at least 1000 people ask a similar question each month.

In this post, you will explore the most efficient method to transfer music from your iPod to your computer system. If you ask Can you transfer music from iPod to computer? Of course, I do. Here is the complete response.

Why Transferring Music Files to Computer is essential?

The most essential reason that you need to transfer your music file is maximizing some area. Your iPod may not work correctly if its storage capability is complete. Simply like you, the more massive your load, the harder for you to stroll. Copying music from iPod to computer for complimentary is essential.


However if you firmly insist on asking How do I move music from iPod to computer system free of charge? Keep reading; this post will offer the answer. Let move on to the first step.

Step 1: Download the Required Software.

This procedure requires you to utilize the software. The software’s name is TouchCopy.

TouchCopy is a software that enables you to transfer the music rapidly from your iPod to your computer system. The software has a friendly user interface and is easy to use.

You can get the software application from its official websites. When the download is complete, follow with the installation on your computer.

When the setup is complete, run the program. And we are all set to relocate to the next action.

Step 2: Connect Your iPhone to Your Computer.

If the TouchCopy is running, you require to connect your iPod to your computer system through the program.

The program will prompt you to connect the device to your computer system. Verify the demand to connect, and you can begin the file transfer.

You can connect your iPod using a USB cable television. If your iPod has actually been synced with your computer system, you can link the iPod to the computer system over WiFi.

Action 3: Transfer Your File to Your Computer.

Transferring your music file from iPod to your device is simple when you have actually linked them.

After the iPhone is connected to the computer, you will have the ability to see the music file on your iPod from the program.

To copy the music file, block the information you plan to move and after that click Copy to PC menu. It is that simple.

It is the most efficient option on how to move music from iPod to computer system windows 10.

Does TouchCopy is Free?

WideAngel, the developer of TouchCopy, provides its users with free access to the software. But, open door has constraints. The user can just transfer music files approximately a hundred information.

You require to activate the software application to utilize it beyond the minimal variation. Nevertheless, the cost of the software is not too high. There are two types of choices for you.

Purchase the Software for Lifetime License.

If you think that this software application is beneficial, you can choose a lifetime license. It costs you $40. You can get to use it for endless devices. The license can be installed on 2 Windows PCs.

Lease the Software for a Year.

If you choose to lease the software, you can opt for the rental alternative. The price is nearly similar to the life time license. The rental license cost for a year is $30. It can be set up on only one windows computer system. It is much better to pick for lifetime license if you think this software is helpful.

Last Words.

Those are the steps on how to move music from iPod to computer system windows 10. The very best method to understand these actions is by practicing yourself. Do it now.