How To Take a Screenshot on windows 10 PC Easily


The easiest way to take a screenshot in windows is certainly using a screen capture software. These software allows you to take a screenshot with just a single click. Here are the 5 best free software to take screenshots in windows 7, 8 and 10.

Screenshot in Windows 10
Screenshot in Windows 10 Tips

5 Best Free Apps To Take a Screenshot in Windows

Gadwin Print Screen

Gadwin print screen is the easily available and feasible software for screen capturing , that allows you to simply capture the whole screen or a portion of it by using defined keys.

You can save the captured screen and also use it for different purpose as share it, post it, print it. Its an easy software to use as only you have to download a 2.75 Mb software which is available free of cost and use it according to your specific need.


This app is Compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10.

Download Gadwin Print Screen App

Ducklink Screen Capture

Ducklink screen capture is the easily available and feasible software for screen capturing, it comes with four different modes which helps you to reduce the editing work and automated in standard modes. Number of modes are: Full screen capture, Window Capture, Region capture, Web-page mode.

Full screen capture mode simply capture the whole screen as it is the basic mode of the software that captures whole screen.

Window capture mode will simply get the content or images of that window only as the on the behind screen will not be captured.

Region capture mode is the most feasible mode here as you can simply capture what you need by just drawing a box over it and it will capture all inside that box.

Web page mode will simply help you to capture the content of the long windows. Ducklink will automatically capture all the content over the page and make it fit to the captured screen. It’s compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10.

Download Ducklink Screen Capture


Greenshot is an open source tool for screen capture , it works faster than other software and saves the captured screen into a file in seconds. It allows you to add any text and shapes over the image. Also allows to capture a region of the window or full screen content as well.

Greenshot supports different image format as well and it is easily usable and available here.
Compatible with all Windows operating system.

Download GreenShot Apps

Screenshot Captor

Screenshot capture is a software that provides you an proper working interface to capture the screen and import and export them in seconds as it also allows you to use its different features as well.

Able to add text on captured screen, Quickly exporting of captured screen through mails, post screen capture dialog box pop-up is there, various filters to apply and screen size , box content and web pages capture is also possible and easily feasible for you.

It generally require some time to learn and once you grasp the things just use it for free. It also allows saving of captured screen images in various formats. This app is compatible with Windows 7, 8 PC.

Download Screenshot Captor

PicPick Tools

Picpick tools is a freely available and mostly used software for screen capture , it also features image editor, color picker, color palette, magnifier, pixel ruler, protractor, crosshair, whiteboard.

These are the several features which is being features in the picpick tool for free as you can simply capture the image in all the possible modes and also repeats the last image you captured, and image editor is similar to the basic paint but allows more things to do and else all the features are somewhere used.

This tool is a compact software for you to download and use it according to needs with all things available at a place. Also compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7 PC.

Download PickPick Tools


Screenshot are the useful way to document and share what’s present on any particular screen. Screenshot is an image captured of whatever is on the screen. Microsoft Windows has offered Operating System which let user to do lot of things. Machines loaded with windows platform are used for various purposes on daily basis.

We are providing some of the best software for screen capturing in windows as screenshot using print screen and the paste the screen image to paint or in a document. Or using snipping tool and again pasting it somewhere takes time and a manual process.

So just to reduce this manual work we have been providing you the software which will eventually automate your work and reduce the manual process.