How To Print Multiple Pictures on One Page Windows 10


Printing images can be a tough job. If you have numerous images to print, you must be believing, how do I set up images for printing? Do not stress. This post will show you how to print several photos on one page windows.

How To Print Multiple Pictures on One Page Windows
How To Print Multiple Pictures on One Page Windows – Image source credit Youtube

Why windows? Microsoft Windows is the most popular OS for the computer. And a simple windows built-in function can help you print numerous images on one page. If you ask How do I Print Multiple Pictures in Windows 10?

Prior to You Begin

Complete the following requirement to make your printing runs efficiently. First, do not forget to turn on your printing machine. Second, examine the ink level, make sure you have enough ink to print picture.


Considering that image printing needs a lot of ink. Last, load your paper properly. If you have completed the preparation, then you are all set to advance. Advanced software to print multiple photos on one page is definitely unnecessary. Let start with the very first action.

The First Step: Open The Picture Containing Folder.

The initial step you require to do is to pick the folder in which you save the photo. To do so, open Windows Explorer by pressing the Windows button and E keys at the same time.

By this action, you should group the images in one folder. Setting up the images into one folder will enable you to print the photos concurrently.

You can not use this method if you have not collected your pictures into one folder.

The Second Step: Choose the Pictures You Wish to Print.

Select the pictures you want to print. Press and hold the ctrl secret in the keyboard, and select each image you wish to print. In this method, you can choose multiple images at once.

It is the factor why collecting the photos into one folder is necessary. Utilizing the ctrl secret on the keyboard, you can utilize the mouse tip and the drag and drop the images.

Use whichever technique that appropriates to your preference.

The Third Step: Right Click On The Selected Pictures.

Right-click on the picked images, and the drop-down menu will appear. Choose the Print menu. Clicking the print menu will open the printing interface. You can then set up the printing choices in the next action.

There is something you need to think about when making a right-click; make certain that the pictures are highlighted. If the image is not highlighted, the contextual menu that appears on the screen will be various.

Even if the exact same menu appears on the screen, you will not have the ability to print the photos. Ever since, you are not picking the images yet.

The Fourth Step: Configure the Printing Options.

You can configure the printing choices by picking a number of layout options on the right-hand side of the windows. You can select your printing size preferences. It is all depended on your needs.

You have picked to print at Wallet size, click the Wallet (9) alternative, and then hit the Print button.

If you have connected your printing machine, you will see the name of your printing machine. And choose one which is proper.

The Conclusion and It’s Your Turn.

The integrated feature in Windows is more than enough to perform multiple images printing. You need just to configure the layout of the pictures. And make it as proper as possible with your preferences.

These are the simple steps on how to print several pictures on one page windows. Practice it on your own. As you acquire more practice, you will design your printing strategy considering that practice is the only method that makes best.