How To Change Ringtone In Windows 10 Mobile


At this page, you can learn how to change ringtone in windows 10 mobile with step by step tutorial with screenshot.

Change Ringtone in Windows 10 Mobile

Sound that makes you aware that your phone is ringing and to not be confused people usually use their preferred songs as their mobile ringtone. Here you will be able to learn that how easily you can change the default ringtone of the windows Mobile and also make your own song as your phone ringtone. Generally there are many applications which will help you to build your own ringtone and you can easily access them in the Microsoft Store.

change ringtone

Here you can access the number of application by searching the Ringtone maker and Ringtone cuter, etc as there are plenty of Application in the Microsoft store which is easily accessible and most of them are free also. What you have to do in store? Here you have to search for the right thing, download it and make your own ringtone. This is an easy access for what you want you easily get it.


This is the basic method as how to build up your own ringtone, but how will you access it and change it for that you need to follow some simple steps and then you can easily use that tone as your mobile ringtone.

Step 1: Go to the Settings


Here you will find Sounds under the personalization tab, by clicking over the Personalization tab you will be redirected to the Start, Lock Screen, sound. You have to click over the sound icon and then move to second step.

Step 2: Go to Sounds


Here you can easily access the ringtone as by clicking over the default ringtone you will be redirected to the list where you can check the tone and can set it as your mobile ringtone. The application build ringtone will also be shown in this ringtone list and you can easily add it and use it as your mobile ringtone.

Learn How to Get Ringtone From PC to Phone

  1. Connect your phone with PC.
  2. On pc, go to Start menu> File explore> Device and Driver.
  3. Device and Driver: Find your phone and open that folder.
  4. Inside folder search for music>Ringtones.
  5. Ringtones in music may be vary according to phone and pc.
  6. Add your sound files to this Ringtone folder.
  7. You have to simply copy the sound files in it.
  8. After completing unplug the phone from pc.
  9. Follow the above steps shown to Change ringtone in windows 10 mobile.